Alien Species

The Nomads are dangerous alien creatures created by the Dom'Kavash Empire as a way to protect their space and repel invaders, and can be found within the Sirius Sector.

Universe Freelancer
Homeworld None (roam the Sirius Sector freely)
Average Height Variable
Diet Omnivourous
Sapience Level Sapient

While technically the protectorate species of the area, they are stated as having attacked the Sirius Sector before. They have the ability to possess humans and give them super-strength, among other abilities.

Nomads wield sophisticated weaponry which requires no energy to fire, yet their ships lack any kind of shielding. Because of this, they have relied on their ability to possess humans in an attempt to divide the colonies against one another, until humanity's forces are so weak from infighting that they could easily be mopped up by Nomad technologies. However, The Order kept this threat in check by using captured Nomad crystals.

The Nomad species are bluish in coloration and utilize a serpentine mouth that they use in order to possess other beings by entering through the mouths of their victims. A sure sign of Nomad possession is one's eyes turning purple. Unfortunately, no known cure exists to reverse Nomad possession, and many view termination of the infected to be the only way to "cure" a victim of the Nomad threat. The parasite itself appears to be larger or of the same size as a human. Because of the fact that the Nomad will physically reside within a human host body, the parasite must be able to stretch and compress its own body significantly.

They also appear to have either psychic or gravitational manipulation abilities, although the theory is one which is up to debate. One Nomad-infested Human, Governor Tekagi, demonstrated this ability by throwing a large knife from under his hand. A careful eye reveals that he never actually grabbed the hilt of the knife, and therefore did not in fact throw it in a traditional sense. Therefore it is entirely possible that Nomads utilize telekinesis, although at the same time, it may be possible that Tekagi had a hidden launcher mounted to his wrist.

Another debatable theory is how Nomad spaceships actually work. Their ships - Nomad Fighters, Gunboats, and Battleships - are most likely manifestations of the same energy that Nomads themselves are created of; with this in mind, the vessels would in fact be living beings as well. It is also possible that the Nomadic weaponry that had been implanted into Liberty fighters were of this same type, routing to a Nomadic power system in the fighter and relying on the Nomad inside as the pilot to command it. How Nomads could grow to the size of battleships, however, is unknown.