Alien Species

The Noghri were a race, known for its warlike nature and guerrilla techniques, native to the planet Honoghr. Individual Noghri were short in stature, with needle-sharp teeth, steel-grey skin, large dark eyes, and protruding jaws. Noghri society was based on clans that were led by a matriarch, and historically bloody civil wars eventually gave way to a civilization in which the various clans worked together for their mutual survival.

The Noghri were nearly wiped out during the era of the Clone Wars, when starships from the Old Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems went to battle over the surface of Honoghr. The Separatist ship was destroyed, and plummeted to the ground, releasing noxious chemicals and rendering much of the planet uninhabitable. Years later, the entire battle was believed to have been only a ruse that was perpetrated by then-Chancellor Palpatine, as a way to reduce the will of the Noghri and bend them to his own uses. The Emperor dispatched Darth Vader to offer assistance to the Noghri, who were only too happy to accept. The price for their salvation was that they had to send their sons to Palpatine for use as silent commandos. Palpatine had all knowledge of the Noghri erased from the Imperial databases in order to heighten the effect of his commando teams. In order to ensure the support of the Noghri, the Imperial teams that were dispatched to "heal" Honoghr used decontamination droids that only maintained the ecological hardship brought on by the crash of the Separatist starship, ensuring that very little plant life could grow on the planet's surface.

When Leia Organa Solo discovered the Emperor's plan, several years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, she was outraged at the way in which the Noghri had been tricked. With great effort, she was able to show the Noghri how they had been fooled into subservience. The Noghri quickly began recalling their sons from their commando teams, and joined the New Republic's struggle against the remnants of the Empire.

In the aftermath of Thrawn's death and the destruction of the Mount Tantiss storehouse, the New Republic worked with the Noghri to restore Honoghr's ecosystem. However, the environmental damage inflicted by the Empire proved to be too much to overcome. The new Republic, in a poetic form of justice, gave the Noghri the option to resettle on Wayland. Many of the Noghri clans made the move, taking up residence on Wayland alongside the Psadans and the Myneyrsh.