This is an unnamed species of sapient humanoid beings, one of which worked as a dancer in Paradise City, on the planet Nimbus III.


Members of this species possess striped skin, vaguely feline-like facial features and a tail. They also notably possess three breasts, rather than two as is most common with humanoid females.

Culture and societyEdit

Judging by the dancer's behavior, it's possible that this is a highly animalistic race, as she produced cat-like vocalizations and leaped on James T. Kirk to attack him.


  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)


  • In the first episode of Enterprise, brief mention is made of a species known as Draylaxians, whose females possess "three" of something, and the expanded universe confirms that they have three breasts. This brings up the possibility that the Nimbus III dancer's species might be the Draylaxians.
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