The Nimbuloids arose on a planet with a thick, reactive atmosphere. They are composed entirely of dense, cohesive gases and move through the atmosphere by chemically attracting and repelling the molecules of the gases in their environment. They see reality in terms of the intersecting flow of what they call currents: the karmic forces that, they believe, determine destiny.

With great effort, a Nimbuloid can transform matter from solidity to a greatly expanded gaseous state and back. They are able to herd around clumps of transformed matter and cause the clumps to coalesce into arbitrary shapes. When a skilled Nimbuloid expends the needed energy, it can shape large, intricate structures with awesome speed.

Starting Narrative[edit | edit source]

Your way is strong among Nimbuloids and many follow you. The currents to the stars grow stronger and few now doubt that the way of all Nimbuloids follows these currents.
Guide your species. Show the Nimbuloids the currents that will take them to their destiny.

Special Ability[edit | edit source]

Expert Builders: The Nimbuloids are extremely productive. You can boost the progress on all your colonies' projects.

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