Alien Species

The Nightsiders are nocturnal mammalian species from the now uninhabitable planet Krrendar IV in the Triangulum Galaxy.


Nightsiders are nocturnal but this could no longer be the case following the evacuation of their homeworld. They are humanoid in phenotype but with many notable distinctions from most others, with such anatomical features such as a protruding snout and pointed ears.

Nightsiders reproduce asexually, with one Nightsider producing hundreds of furry tadpoles who swarm in the oceans of their settled planet. These tadpoles usually compete in survival of the fittest, which usually results in the stronger tadpoles cannibalising their weaker siblings. This process is one of many things which leads to their typically capitalistic natures and their reproductive cycle could cause many planets' ecosystems to be affected in very destructive ways. Due to these factors, many planets across the galaxies have kill on sight orders against Nightsiders.

Culture and Society[]

Nightsiders typically put material wealth above all other aspects of life, stepping over all those who get in their way.


Nightsiders originate from the formerly mostly aquatic world of Krrendar IV. Due to over-industrialization, their planet was nearing the point when it wouldn't be able to sustain life by the time they first made contact with the Systems Commonwealth. This meant that the Commonwealth was forced to commence with a mass exodus of the Nightsiders, with Krrendar IV later further pyroformed by the Pyrians.

After the Fall, Nightsiders where prejudiced against by many worlds across the universe. Their only mode of expression being to gain as much material wealth as possible, with their people being seen on drifts and lower-class planets across the galaxies.