Night Stalker
300px-Night Stalker
General Information
Other names "Dragon"
Homeworld Gaiya
Height Est. 3 - 5 feet
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Outpost Zero

The Night Stalkers are a species of canid-like pack animals found on the planet Gaiya within the PC game Outpost Zero.


Night Stalkers are the wolves of the Gaiya world. Their bodies are covered in bioluminescent scales, with several larger scale patches acting as armor against larger creatures. Its head is covered in small horns and lumps, and its lower jaw is split in two into a set of mandibles.

Their natural coloration is more towards dark red, but individuals with albinism had also been reported.

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