Alien Species

The Nietzscheans are a post-human species, they are divided into Prides but they are known to inhabit the planet Foundationhead.


Nietzscheans are indistinguishable from their Human cousins, bar the row of three spikes which line the back of their forearms, they are immune to most substances Humans find poisonous as well as having immunity to most Terran diseases (which is surprising considering their breeding regiments), they reach physical maturity around ages 10 or 14, they have a maximum age of 150 years.

Culture and society[]

Nietzschean culture is separated into multiple prides, the largest and most powerful being the Drago-Kazov Pride, the Nietzscheans have a very intense need to be biologically perfect, practising eugenics for, matching their strongest and smartest together, and polygamy is common practise, though they typically have quite wide families, they are quite tight knit in structure.

Their naming structure follows the structure, Given name, Family name, out of Mother's given name, by Father's given name, it is believed this naming structure has something to do with their very genetics centric culture.

They hold the belief that one day, a Nietzschean will be born, who will have the exact genetic sequence of the Nietzschean progenitor, Drago Museveni, and unite the prides once again, this Nietzschean has been born, Tamerlane Anasazi Out of Freya by Tyr.


The Nietzschean progenitor, Drago Museveni, was born in Commonwealth Year 8400, following some time travel shenanigans, the first 'pure' Nietzscheans where born years later, and they founded Pride Museveni, Drago Museveni died in 8422, and his son then found the Drago-Kazov, the mummified corpse of Drago Museveni was put into the possession of Kodiak Pride.

The Nietzscheans joined their Human cousins as well as the other post-Human species in the Systems Commonwealth, the tension truly began during the closing days of Magog invasion, more specifically, the Treaty of Antares, the majority of Nietzscheans saw this as making peace with barbarians, an insult to the souls lost to the Magog hordes.

The uprising tore apart the galaxies and led to the fall of the Commonwealth, and the dawn of Long Night, following the uprising, the Nietzscheans went into all out civil war, the Drago-Kazov all but wiped out Kodiak Pride and and claimed the mummified remains of the progenitor, later, the Drago-Kazov conquered many worlds across the Milky Way, including Earth, using most of these planets as slave colonies.