Alien Species

Nexus are non-sapient predators native to planet Cholganna. With approximately 4.5 meters in length, including their long thin tail, and 1 meter in height, Nexus have a large mouth full of sharp teeth. They are agile and fearsome hunters, being able to climb trees and chase down Arboreal Octopi in the forests of their home planet. Nexus have four eyes, and are able to see infrared light. Their body is covered in fur, and they also have spikes on their back, likely for defense.


A Nexu was in a Geonosis arena with a Reek and a Acklay to kill Padme Amidala. Although the beast was able to scratch the former queen, Padme managed to it put down. The Reek controlled by Anakin Skywalker then charged on the feline and knocked it down with its powerful horn, killing it.


  • The locomotion of the feline beast was more of a reptile than a lion.
  • Its design was based on references from sloths, salamanders, spiders, and vipers.
  • The sounds of the nexu came from a tiger, tasmanian devil, and dog, some of them were combined.