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The Nexosporidium were an extinct race of cyborgs but they were cloned back by Emperor Meningitis to serve as his body guards and cloned on Earth by Henri Crusteau to serve as a personal army to turn Earth into a utopian society. 


The general appearance of the Nexos that they are semi-hive minded they do possess the physical strength of a cyborg. However they are not bright the warriors legs have two joints and walk like large birds of Earth, despite the rumors that the Nexos were part Human their upper torso and head are Furonic confirming that they are in fact Furon cyborgs, since the Nexos lack lower jaws they have life support tubes in their mouths connected to a machine on their backs.

Brief History[]

The Nexos were created as an unstoppable army by conspirators within the imperial court to overthrow the Furon empire's next ruler and implement ideas of democracy. However the conspirators were stopped and the Nexos became extinct due to unknown causes. In 1971 Henri Crusteau discovered a crashed Furon saucer at the bottom of the ocean and found crates of artificial Furon DNA and genetic material from the extinct race and gained access of the ships technology to reclone them on Earth.


Warriors Warriors were the first Nexos Crypto encountered. Unlike most Nexos they also have color variations (Red, Green, Blue); this however does not differ them in strength. Nexo warriors are equipped with a laser cannon, a jet pack, and a missile launcher. They also can teleport to different areas. Nexos speak gibberish but sometimes English words can be heard.

Walkers Walkers are very large spider-like creatures the only possible vulnerability from the ground is the DNA collection receptors, located on its hind legs, resembling the scrotum sack of a human being. They have laser beams coming from their mouths, are able to pound the ground and start an eight meter radius circle around them with flames. the sacs also can be used to dump viral agents into a water supply such as virus that Henri created to remove furon DNA from the human genome.

Squid Technically not a Nexo as it is not sapient but a robot controlled by Creusto. The squid stays in waters and can fire lasers from its tentacles and bombs from its mouth.

Dragon Like the Squid it is technically not a Nexo as it is also not sapient. Saxon used it not knowing exactly what a Nexo was. the dragon has protective shielding that prevents damage from furon weaponry but can be damaged by its own weapons, it also has a missile launcher located in the mouth and a flame thrower as a secondary weapon.


Apparently they appeared before Destroy All Humans!. In Destroy All Humans! POF the warriors appear during the storyline. The Nexo walker makes an appearance that actually is important. The first in Sunny Wood where Crypto has to destroy it, the next in Belleville where Crypto has to destroy the Nexos from his saucer before they release the poison into the water supply. The third is in the fourth ring of Furon as an odd job.

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