General Information
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe

Newfu are an alien species from Teen Titans TV Series of the DC Universe.

Biology Edit

The Newfu resemble white cubes with eyes and a mouth. Their composition is similar to tofu as they consider themselves to be a nutritious and meat free substance. They are capable of taking on human forms, however water appears to revert them back into Newfu.

History Edit

The Newfu set up operations in Jump City using a fast food restaurant, Mega Meaty Meat as a cover to hide their vessel. Using their abilities they disguised themselves, creating the persona Bob, who acted as the restaurant's manager. To maintain their cover they used their abilities to produce Newfu made products disguised as meat. Whilst they hid in plain sight, the Newfu began abducting cattle to use them as fuel for their fleet of flying saucers and mothership. Beast Boy who was working there to earn a moped, learned of their plot and managed to kidnap the Source. After coercing the alien of his kind's weaknesses and plans, under the threat of being eaten, Beast Boy was able to destroy the mothership and save the Earth. When he reported to the rest of the Teen Titans, Cyborg accidentally ate the Source as his lunch.

Culture Edit

The Newfu are a race that infiltrate worlds through subterfuge acquiring a race's livestock to use as fuel for their ships. Once they possess enough fuel, they leave and detonate the planet. They have a reputation of being a threat to at least three galaxies. A single Newfu known as the Source is responsible for procreating their entire species.

Source Edit

  • Teen Titans: Season 4 : Episode 44: Employee of the Month
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