The New Lemurians are a species native to the planet New Lemuria from the Hoka Universe.

Biology Edit

New Lemurians were similar enough to humans. A typical New Lemurian looked rather like a man whose legs were a trifle too long for the stocky torso. Their hands bore six fingers apiece, blocky heads, with eyes that were large and green, with no whites showing; flat noses; the ears pointed and movable. Blue hair grew in a crest over the top of their scalps. Their skin was bright yellow. Males had no beards but, sported catlike whiskers. New Lemurian females lacked the cat whiskers of the males and indeed looked still more human except for being completely bald.

Culture Edit

The New Lemurians were a feudal society ruled by lords. The most powerful nation being the Kingdom of Talyina. Formed by a conquering warlord by bringing less powerful chieftains under him, throughout the islands. But while those magnates had to swear service to the king, they kept a great deal of local authority and their own troops of warriors. These they used against bandits, pirates, and foreign enemies. Occasionally this feudal system broke down, but hitherto order had always been restored after a period of chaos.


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