Nestov is a character from the Tracker TV series. In the series, he is a good-natured Desserian con man and one of the prisoners who escaped from SAR TOP Prison when Zin engineered the jailbreak - leading 218 prisoners into Chicago.


Nestov (his real name is hard to pronounce) was inprisoned on SAR TOP after been caught conning others in the Migar Solar System through a variety of methods. He deliberately faked his details (including his name and species) to make the guards think he was a Nodulian in the hope that he could escape, as Desserians have a very efficient camoflauge/blending ability.

Nestov asks Cole for help

Nestov asks Cole for help.

When Zin engineered the jail break, Nestov was one of the 218 escapees and entered the body of a man on a train called Darius Foley - a failed artist and a con man also. Finding himself with two briefcases containing $2,000,000, Nestov planned to lay low to avoid been detected by a tracker and enjoy the rest of his life on Earth. However, upon arriving at Darius' address, he narrowly avoided been shot. Going to Zin for help, Zin showed no interest in helping Nestov and instead just took the $2,000,000. With contacting Earth's police out of the question, Nestov decided to find the tracker.

Nestov soon found the Tracker - who was called Cole/Daggon - and saves him from another escaped convict before
Cole and Nestov.

Cole and Nestov.

asking for Cole's help; later explaining what happened. Looking for more information, they learn that the money was part of a ransom for a kidnapping - involving Lena, the daughter of multi-millionaire businessman and single parent Nicholas Tavoules (Lena's mother died when she was 6 years old). Nicholas and Lena were estranged after Lena's party girl antics and big money spending caused her father to 'cut off the gravy train'. When Lena was kidnapped, Nicholas met the first ransom demand of $2 million dollars but Lena wasn't returned.

Digging deeper and moving quickly after seeing a video of Lena apparently tied up in a tank (rapidly filling with water), Cole and Nestov learn the location of the kidnapper's base and infiltrate it separately. Although Cole initially rejected this idea due to his distrust, Nestov convinced Cole by stating that he's a con man - not a killer - and that he doesn't want Lena to die any more than Cole does. However,
Lena threatens Nestov.

Lena threatens Nestov.

Nestov realises the kidnapping is a fake when Lena appears behind him with a gun to his head - with it being a part of Lena's plan to run away with her boyfriend Jackson Carver as revenge on her father (whom she hates intently due to him neglecting her in childhood and instead paying for nannies to look after her following her mother's death, while he focused on running his business). Lena locks Nestov in the tank - still thinking he is Darius - and sets the water to keep running in the belief he will drown.

Cole, however, follows her as she goes outside to meet with Jackson. Upon seeing Cole, Jackson tries to shoot
Cole saves Nestov from the water tank.

Cole saves Nestov from the water tank.

him but Cole's hypertime ability allows him to dodge the bullet before quickly and easily knocking Jackson unconcious. Confronting Lena, Cole ties her up and locks her in the boot of the car along with the unconcious Jackson. Freeing Nestov from the tank, Nestov reveals he faked his SAR TOP details and is really a Desserian, not a Nodulian (which can breathe underwater and what Cole originally believed he was). He also reveals that Nestov is not his real name, as his real name is a lot harder to pronounce and sounds like gibberish. Cole is about to take Nestov's lifeforce, but changes his mind as a thank you for Nestov saving him from Trof that day, as well as so that Cole can use Nestov in the future for help catching the other escaped convicts.

Nestov disguised as a woman.

Nestov disguised as a woman.

Since then, Nestov has aided Cole on other occassions such as helping him stop the Nodulian terrorist Tevv and looking for information about the gangster Silvestri (in relation to the disappearance of Mel's missing boyfriend Rod Archer two years ago). Due to him technically still working for Zin, Nestov had to be careful as to not blow his cover that he was secretly aiding Cole - often having to wear disguises when investigating Zin's schemes. A problem with some of these disguises is that Nestov would have to deal with other issues - such as when he disguised himself as a woman but had to put up with men groping him and pinching his 'kaboose'. He also struggled to get along with Mel, who remained suspicious of him due to her own encounters with the fugitives as well as him sometimes interferring in her life and work. She did grow to trust him more, but still got frustated by some of his actions.

When he wasn't aiding Cole, Nestov would be doing anything he could to earn money - mostly by continuing
Nestov and Cole (disguised as Rod Archer).

Nestov and Cole (disguised as Rod Archer).

his criminal trade of conning other people. This would often include using 'hidden aces', such as when he was playing pool but using a piece of technology hidden under the table to give him an edge. Although most of his skills were related to con jobs, Nestov did show a good skill in cracking a vardian security device with Cole's help - claiming his experience came from cracking over a dozen of them on his homeworld of Desseria. His efforts to make money sometimes caused him to clash with Mel and/or Cole, but these confrontations were often short-lived. Another reason for his minor confrontations with Cole was his determination to 'stay alive' in his human form for as long as possible, such as him expressing his desire not to pick up the Negative-Energy Negation weapon that Zin and his men had made - on the basis that it might affect him as well. Needless to say, on the ocassions when Nestov stated he wanted out in regards to helping Cole due to his desire to live, Cole would only have to sutlely hint about taking Nestov's life force for Nestov to grouchingly reagree.

Nestov appeared to double-cross Cole and Mel in the episode "What Lies Beneath", after helping him steal a
Nestov betrays Cole.

Nestov betrays Cole.

weapon that would strip a Cirronian of their powers - before shooting Cole with it and tying both him and Mel up. Nestov later revealed after the pair had broken free and Mel had re-energized Cole with her dormant cirronian powers that it was triple cross to ensure that Zin didn't kill Cole and Mel - as Nestov stated that he had come to see Cole and Mel as a family to him. He also stated that Zin had threatened to kill Nestov if he didn't help stop Cole, which was the reason why Nestov had appeared to double cross him. Needless to say, Nestov had cost almost all the trust that he had gained between Mel and Cole. He last appeared when Cole and Mel instructed him to keep the Watchfire locked up while they went to hide the Strada Brac in a different location, following Cole's defeat of Zin.

It is likely that Nestov's life force was taken when Cole found a way to capture the remaining prisoner's life forces at once, although it's not known if he returned when the life forces were shown re-appearing across the USA.


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