General Information
Homeworld Extra-Dimensional
Habitat Corrupted Grounds
Locomotion Sessile
Diet Carnivore (presumed)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Racial Abilities Habitat Creation
Behind the Scenes
Universe Fade to Silence

The Nest is a sessile abolmination that arrived with the numerous other Eldritch horrors from their dimension to reek havoc on the human world.

Description Edit

The Nest, compared to the other Eldritch monsters, is actually not very violent all by itself. Its body is made up of a single fleshy orb on the ground, in between two glowing red pillars. Its mouth is circular and with rows of circling teeth to grind up meat.

While not seen hunting, it's presumed it hunts in some form as some specimens were found with canines trapped inside them.

The Nest, while non-violent, is still highly dangerous due to its ability to form Corrupted Grounds, which are seemingly the same habitats the Eldritch horrors live in back in their own dimension.

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