General Information
Height Roughly Human
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Big Guy and Rusty

The Neo-Cateri are a fledgling race of bio-mechanical humanoids.

Biology Edit

Physically the Neo-Cateri reflect a long extinct precursor race called the Cateri, though they are bio-mechanical in nature. They possess biologically driven programming that allows them to assume the roles of an organic race, allowing them to feel emotions and even procreate.

Culture and society Edit

Technology Edit

The Neo-Cateri possess advanced bio-mechanical technology, allowing inert matter to become organic. This trait allows machines to be able to express emotions and even feel pain.

History Edit

Eons after the Zingkal wiped out their creators, the Cateri, some Zingkal chose to add emotional programming to their circuitry, giving them souls. This led to a new species called the Neo-Cateri. Three new members of this species were born: the Father Unit, the Mother Unit, and the Child Unit. When the other Zingkal discovered this, the trio was targeted for elimination. The Neo-Cateri fled to Earth where the United States government offered them asylum, staving off the the Zingkal retaliatory ships sent after them.

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