The Neo-Bespinians were a gaseous species native to the planet Bespin. They were an advanced civilization which lived in the low atmosphere of the planet. They had no gender differentiation due to their entirely gaseous nature, but had complete control over their bodies, able to modify the very nature of their beings to make themselves denser than ice or lighter than air. At least one member of their species, Goorth, could suffocate individuals by removing air from individuals that confronted the Neo-Bespinian. They could also infiltrate nearly any location due to their form.

Although they were naturally invisible within the atmosphere of Bespin, leaving their homeworld caused an adverse reaction in their bodies. The atmospheres of other worlds poisoned their bodies, causing them to take on a gray and opaque appearance. This allowed other species to see them, putting them in danger. However, if they isolated themselves in small spaces, they could cleanse their bodies and remove the poisons from their systems. If they did not regularly perform this cleansing routine, they would die, causing their molecules to scatter and dissipate.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Neo-Bespinians appeared in dossier BXLH: Les mutants dans Star Wars (Translated File BXLH: The mutants in Star Wars), a roleplaying article in the French magazine Graal 23. Published in 1990, the article was written under the pseudonym "Haufe the ugly little Ewok". The roleplaying statistics provided were compatible with the roleplaying game created by West End Games.

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