The Neerol were an alien race that existed 65 million years ago in the Empress Universe.

Biology Edit

The Neerol resembled hulking armored humanoids with spinal plates emerging from their backs.

History Edit

After Captain Havelock's took his wife and children, King Morax decided to replace his entire security detail. Due the Neerol being absolutely loyal, he ordered them to wipe out a soldier from his previous security detail, before launching a brutal campaign to reclaim his family.

When Morax was defeat in single combat by his own wife, they were forced to shoot each other at the command of Morax's daughter who they identified as the next superior.

Culture Edit

The Neerol are the most obedient soldiers in the universe. They are on a spectrum meaning they are absolutely loyal to their superior and cannot disobey an order.

Appearances Edit

  • Empress Issue 003 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 004 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 006 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 007 (2017)
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