Nectarous Dandelfly
Nectarous dandelfly
General Information
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat Northern Woodlands
Body Type Insectoid
Locomotion Flight
Diet Nectar
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Peaceful
Status Locally Common
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Nectarous Dandelfly is a peaceful, harmless creature that Captain Charlie discovered on his expedition to PNF-404. They seem to replace Honeywisps in areas where said creatures aren't present.


Nectarous Dandelflies are fairly big fliers, as long as a full grown Puffy Blowhog, but about as tall as a Dwarf Bulborb. Their frontal bodies are white and fluffy, with three sets of insect-like wings: two of which are its main source of flight as they are much larger. These creatures have numerous abdomen-like attachments they can fill with nectar from flowers and honey they collect from Scornet hives. These can fall off the creature but don't seem to harm the animal unless it is attacked at the frontal body.

They also have a long, curled proboscis it can use to suck nectar and honey without harming its actual body.

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