General Information
Homeworld Auriga
Diet Omnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Necrophages are a race of zombie insects from Endless Legends.

History Edit

A hive-people that survive by ingesting or converting others as they infect them with their plague, the Necrophages are scavengers and survivors. They would be similar to traditional zombie plagues, infected undead, yet they are quite happy being what they are.

Culture Edit

The Necrophages are a scuttling monstrosity polluting the surface of Auriga; an insectoid menace that should be crushed under one's heel like the mutated cockroaches that they are. Or so the Vaulters, Wild Walkers, Broken Lords, and every other nation on the planet would have one believe.

Naturally, the Necrophages themselves don't share this view -- in fact, they hold very few views other than fight, feed, and propagate. The Necrophages have found a niche in the environment that suits them very well: They win by numbers; by elevating the colony over the individual; by constant warfare. Something between a hive insect and an undead horde, the reproduce by laying eggs in the bodies of fallen enemies.

Occasionally the offspring even inherit elements of the host's DNA, accelerating their process of change and adaptation. Emotionless, relentless, and driven by their biology, the Necrophages do not waste time with diplomacy and commerce.

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