Alien Species

The Neathians are a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Neathia.


They have a shapeshifting ability similar to that of the Gundalians. However, the Neathians appear to be better at shapeshifting, since Fabia's disguised appearance looks completely Human, while the disguised Gundalians look slightly different from Humans. However, the eyes of female Neathians look like a robot's in their transformations.

In their real forms, Neathians have rounded, blue diamond-shaped "bug-eyes", and their skin color differs from gender to gender. Males have a light blue skin, while female Neathians have light pink skin, somewhat resembling Humans. The upper part of their faces also has a triangular arc.

Culture and society[]

Like the Vestals' former government, Neathian government is ruled by a single monarchy, currently led by Queen Fabia. Many people in Neathia use Haos Bakugan.

In spite of Fabia's strength, the Neathians are very inexperienced when it comes to war, due to their protection the Sacred Orb gives them, making the Neathian-Gundalian War a difficult problem for them until the Brawlers came.

After the war ended, it appears that the Neathians and the Gundalians have sorted out their differences and many of them became close friends. This is obvious with Paige and Rafe, who seem to be good friends.


  • So far, Taylean and Wolfurio are the only Neathian Bakugan who are shown to be offensive, which contrasts that Neathia has the defensive type Bakugan.
  • So far, Linus is the only non-Haos Neathian Brawler.