Naxilians are an odd space faring reptilian species. They are, for the most part, reptiles as they are cold blooded, have scales and resemble a small version of Tyrannosaurus with their upright appearance and small arms. But what sticks out as odd is their fur covering much of their back, head and tail. Whether this adaption is related to their climate preference or not the Naxillians could very well be some sort of Synapsid(a mammal-like reptile) the first and only of their kind to exceed sapience.


The Naxilians are an highly aggressive species, but are known to be quite loyal allies if one is to befriend them. They tend to be extremely cautious of outsiders even to members of their own race, though they can be quite friendly once they become on familiar terms with others.Like the Gizureans, the Naxilians have tribal sense of living as each planet own by the Naxillians has its own laws and customs and relatively autonomous but all fall in line by a leader. Naxilians prefer to live on cold planets hense the presence of their fur. but if a planet is not readily available to them they prefer living in the polar and mountainous regions of habitable planets.

Naxilians are fanatically devoted to a competitive sport known as Todash. Todash is a game played by many Naxilians with two small rocks. The object of the game is to get both rocks into the opposing team’s goal area at the same time. A point is scored when this happens. The first team to reach 10 points wins the game. In Todash, there are no strict rules about how you can tackle a player carrying one of the rocks, so the game can sometimes become rather brutal. Possession over the two rocks can see-saw back and forth for considerable time, with no clear advantage for either team. Games can sometimes stretch on for many hours, and can even be adjourned to resume the next day.

The Naxilian people are relatively new to galactic scene, appearing around the early days of the age of shadows. Taking advantage of the many pirate factions during the era, they had propelled themselves towards becoming a galactic super power. That is, if they can fight off an new enemy that likes to blow up planets.

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