The Navarinos are a space-faring species of sapient creatures native to the tri-polar moon of Navarro. They are a peaceful species, and masters of advanced technology, including time travel, as well as devices that make them appear Human. Their natural form is that of a squat bipedal creature with wrinkled purple skin, suckers on their limbs, and four pairs of eyes. They also have a notoriously high metabolic rate, causing them to get easily tired after physical exercise.


  • It has been speculated that since the Navarinos are a non-hostile species and use their time travel abilities for entertainment only (organizing tours to past eras of other planets), the Time Lords allow their activities to go on, likely with a set of regulations to be observed and taxes to be paid. It is worth noting that the ruthless, genocidal Bannermen, seen on the same serial, also seem to possess time-travel technology, but unlike the Navarinos, it is clear that the Bannermen are criminals with complete disregard for Galactic Law.


  • Doctor Who, season 24 (Seventh Doctor) - Delta and the Bannermen (1987)
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