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Nausicaans are an aggressive, spacefaring humanoid species native to the planet Nausicaa. At least during the 22nd to 24th centuries they have had a minor but quite respectable presence in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, and are often engaged on criminal activities such as space piracy, smuggling, burglary and "bar fighting". Some Ferengi are known to employ Nausicaans as personal bodyguards. They are also hired by the Orion Syndicate to perform certain outlaw activities.


Nausicaans are noticeably taller and stronger than the average Human. They have a typical humanoid body plan and an upright bipedal posture. The Nausicaan skin is grayish tan in color and the mouth is surrounded by small tusks or bony mandibles, similar to a Yautja's, although arranged in a different way. Their heads also sport abundant dark hair. Their voices are particularly deep in tone.

Elim Garak, a Cardassian tailor, has once mentioned a wedding suit ordered by a Nausicaan, indicating that Nausicaans are dioecious and practice wedding ceremonies not unlike Humans. They also appear to be highly resistant to pain and/or physical damage, as one episode sees two Nausicaans throwing darts at each other's chests rather than the dartboard, just for fun.


  • Although not a major race, Nausicaans have been featured in a number of occasions in the different Star Trek series. Their most notable appearance is arguably the Next Generation episode "Tapestry", in which it is revealed that Captain Picard became involved in a bar fight with Nausicaans when he was a cadet, resulting on him being stabbed by one of the aliens and needing to replace his heart with an artificial one. The species has also made appearances in Deep Space Nine (notably Brunt's Nausicaan bodyguards), Voyager and Enterprise (with a different design, usually portrayed as criminals and space pirates).
  • In the expanded Star Trek Universe, the Borg, attacked the homeworld Nausicaa enroute to destroy Earth after the various actions of Starfleet hindering their plans. The entire populace was wiped out leaving the only survivors of the genocide off-planet.