Alien Species

Captain Nathaniel Flint is remembered by history as one of the most feared space pirates of all time. He belonged to an unnamed humanoid species with bony skulls, fangs and multiple eyes.

After many years of looting, Flint amounted an enormous treasure which he hid upon the mystical Treasure Planet; the location of which could be revealed by a spherical map device which came into possession of pirate Billy Bones; whom was pursued and killed by John Silver and his crew as they searched for it.

When Jim Hawkins inherited the map from the dying Bones, he and his friend Dr. Doppler organized an expedition to find the planet aboard the ship RLS Legacy; whose crew, unknown to them, actually consisted of Silver and his pirates.

When they did arrive on Treasure Planet it became clear that the planet was an artificial machine which contained the treasure and Flint's corpse in its central chamber. They also discovered that Flint had prepared a trap to ensure that his treasure would never be stolen; which consisted of the entire planet's destruction, activated by someone entering the treasure chamber. The intruders managed to escape on time, but except for a few coins took by Silver; the treasure was lost forever.


  • Captain Flint was based on the eponymous character created by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island; which the animated movie is based upon.
  • He was voiced by Peter Cullen.