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The Naljians are an unnamed race of mysterious aliens inhabiting an upper position of existence.



Naljians are alien humanoids who are made of white light and appear to have a blue flame surrounding them.


A Naljian's lifespan seems to be extremely long, with a 3-million-year-old Naljian being considered a mere child by their standards.

Powers and abilities[]

Naljians possess enhanced intelligence, even more than the Galvan.

Naljians can teleport on a dimensional scale, being able to see in more than three dimensions. This allows them to see the true form of a Contemelia.[1]

Naljians possess telekinesis, as being able to levitate and rebuild a Naljian Destructor with hand gestures while not touching the pieces.

Culture and society[]

According to the Cosmic Mom Ben Tennyson met, there are "only 26 [dimensions] that matter" to the Naljians, implying that they have a low opinion of most other universes.


Naljians are extremely advanced in technology, as a children's toy built by them easily surpassed Level 20 technology such as the Omnitrix.


  • The Cosmic Mom's life of there being "only 26 [dimensions] that matter" is a reference to the real-life Bosonic string theory, which predicts 26 dimensions.
  • There were no plans to feature any other Naljians after the Cosmic Mom's appearance in "Busy Box".[2]
  • For many years, this species was referred to as "Naljian" due to a fan misconception started by Ben 10 Wiki user God-King of Ice Cerberus WereGarurumon when they created a page for the Cosmic Mom on August 11, 2010. This page was originally meant for the Cosmic Mom's species, whose name was never mentioned during the Alien Force episode "Busy Box".
    • The name "Naljian" was taken from the Naljian Destructor, a toy belonging to the mom's child. It is unknown whether the technology is actually named after Cosmic Mom's species or something else completely.


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