Alien Species

The Nakkadan are a race of warriors indigenous to Nakkada, the moon orbiting Adoria II, the homeworld of the Adorians. They extol victory above culture, honor and education. This societal imperative has pushed Nakkadan physiology in one direction: up. Nakkadans are over two meters (6.5616 ft) in height and two hundred kilograms (440.92 lbs) in mass. When compared to the average Human being, a Nakkadan is considered more than a match in hand to hand combat, though a Human outfitted with the proper weaponry could conceivable take down a single Elite.

Their society does not have a general hierarchy — instead, only the best fighters may become leaders of their people. These warriors are will be the swiftest and the strongest of their kind, but are not always the wisest.


  • In the movie Men in Black: International, Elon Musk's species is listed as Nakkadan in the surveillance sequence when Molly enters the London HQ.