General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Nakalim are an ancient race that once walked alongside the Endless.

Biology Edit

The Nakalim are dark skinned humanoids. A few individuals have been shown to possess an extra set of arms which seem psychically connected to them.

Culture Edit

The Nakalim originally developed on a dry planet towards the end of the reign of the Endless. Their worship of the Lost made them an enemy of the Endless, however the Endless were occupied with their civil war to be a threat. Once the Endless fell, the Nakalim forged an empire taming and civilizing galaxy using the Endless's infrastructure. However their rapid growth caused them to over-expanded and deplete their resources. To survive the survivors were driven into hibernation to wait for the day when then Lost would return. Eons later the Nakalim were indeed awaken by Isyander Shumèd, the leader of the Academy. Seeing that he was a messenger of the gods, the Nakalim offered their support of ships and armies to unite the galaxy.

Appearances Edit

  • Endless Space 2: Awakening (2019)
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