Alien Species

Nakai is the official designation given to a spacefaring humanoid species native to a distant and unnamed galaxy. They hold the distinction of having been the first spacefaring species encountered by the Destiny expedition, which was exploring the aliens' home galaxy.

They appear to be an aggressive species, and desire to capture the starship Destiny, though the reason for this is still unclear. They clearly appear to be interested in the ship itself, not in the Human crew, giving raise to the theory that they have some shared history with the Ancients the race that built the Destiny, although it is equally possible that the Nakai are simply interested in acquiring other forms of technology from a sophisticated vessel.


The Nakai are slim bipedal humanoids standing about the same height of a Human. Like their nickname ("Blueberry Aliens") suggests, their bodies are vivid blue in color, although their skin seems to be semi-transparent, showing the blue flesh below. This is particularly visible on their heads, where the outer layers of tissue are transparent, showing some of their inner workings. A small luminescent, orange organ at the center of the head is one of the structures visible. They also possess a pair of large, bioluminescent light blue eyes; two pairs of thin elongated structures similar to a catfish's whiskers on their cheeks; and a humanoid mouth with several small sharp teeth.

Their bodies are thin and slender and they stand on a digitigrade posture. Their limbs resemble skeleton limbs to some degree. Their heads are slightly elongated. The index finger is noticeably longer than the others and they don't appear to possess thumbs.

Their weak, somewhat fragile physiques, along with the existence of water-filled chambers on their spaceships suggest that this race is semi-aquatic, and likely to have evolved from fully marine lifeforms. They also appear to live in the same atmospheric conditions of Humans, as both species have been able to visit the other's ship without the need of a protective suit. This species' language seems to consist of long series of clicks and screeches. Even after learning English, they have only used it to communicate with Humans in written form, suggesting that they are physically unable to speak Human languages.


This species possesses advanced technologies, and is also known to steal or confiscate devices from other species. They are highly interested in capturing the Destiny spaceship, though whether there is any special reason for this remains unclear. Nakai spaceships have FTL engines, enabling them to travel faster than the speed of light. They also possess a device known as a mind probe, which can read the minds of other beings and are especially useful for acquiring huge amounts of data about other species - including their language - in relatively short periods of time.



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