The Najib are a race native to the planet Najiba. They are very friendly to offworlders, but are also very suspicious by nature. They are humanoid in physique, being stocky and well-muscled. Their legs are quite short, and their arms appear to be overly long, but they are kilogram-for-kilogram as powerful as Wookiees and Houk. They are known to be hard-working and determined and quick to adapt to new situations. They were discovered by Old Republic scouts many millennia ago, but the screening of the Children of Najiba kept them isolated for many centuries. The Empire eventually found the Najib and subjugated them, wiping out entire villages when the Najib fought back. The Najiba have a tribal society, with individual tribes being ruled by a specialized governing tribe. This governing tribe is made up from representatives of each of the lesser tribes.

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