The Naj-Suri is a feline creature native to Revad and hold spiritual significance to the Ang-Kibuni.

Biology Edit

The Naj-Suri resembles a large carnivorous cat with stripped patterns decorating on its hide. It possess four eyes and six limbs. It's a quadruped, while the remaining pair of limbs lies between at its midsection similar to forearms.

While the suri possesses four eyes, it can only see limited colors. The top eyes can only see in black and white, which allows the suri to detect light and shadow to help them spot prey in the desert. The Ang-Kibuni take advantage of this flaw during the bridal hunts, using red cloaks to blend with the desert and later opening the inside to reveal a black and white undercloak that attracts the suri's attention and overloads the suri's brain an activates an instinct to lay down and be still.

Appearances Edit

  • The Zoohunters Vol 01 002 (2015)
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