General Information
Homeworld City of Enduring
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Nah

The Nah are a Trilogy species from the City of Enduring.

Biology Edit

A humanoid race with pointed ears, but possess a long fish tail that emerges from their backs with wingfins that allow them flight. The spines they have are said to be venomous.

Culture Edit

Nah are divided into ship clans and their names tend to be long and possess elegant titles and metaphors. This was a result of the Burnover, in which survivors had no home but refurbished space stations and a few ships. Over time these became nations and the Nah fought wars between each other to maintain their vessels for survival.


  • Syzn of the Cliffs, By the Streaking Ice
  • Lumir of the Cliffs, By the Wavering Dark
  • Marth of the Sea, By the Wavering Dark, Until the Sun Falls
  • Duol of the Sea, By the Churning
  • Stevn of the Glacier, By the Wavering Dark

Appearances Edit

  • Far Sector Issue 001 (2019)
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