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Nacene specie.

The Caretaker is an entity created by a big bang in the Delta quadrant originated from the species organic "Nacenes" where there were thousands of this way of life but over time the Nacene way of life were dying due to the ability to try to survive in space, the evolution of the other species in the Delta quadrant, they abducted the species by stealing the intelligence of these species, and gradually the Nacenes began to evolve technologically, building a base called "Array" using bombs that directed the ancient planet of the Ocampas, bombarding and destroying all forms of life for years.


The Array base Nacene (The Caretaker).

The Nacenes were contacted by the surviving Ocampa species, the Ocampas being abducted by the Nacenes, generating affection to the species for helping to obtain some cure to the mortal disease of the Nacenes, for the Ocampas being great scientists, the Ocampas did not have success but it slowed down the deadly disease of the Nacenes, where they gradually died away, the Nacenes offered the Ocampa new home in subterranean cities built by the Nacenes that remained in exchange for service rendering the entities, until obtaining two last of the species "Caretaker and Suspiria".


USS Equinox in the Forbidden Zone of the Badlands before being launched into the Delta quadrant by Caretaker.

A group of surviving pirates known as Kazon took of housing to these ruins that belonged the Ocampas, there was a war in the past between the Nacenes entities with the Kazons, and in the defeat of the Kazons they were isolated to the Array Caretaker and the Ocampas also where they established a peace agreement with the Ocampas and to segregate their borders without breaking the agreement, avoiding the death court between them, the last two that remained of the Nacenes, the Caretaker and Suspiria adopted the Ocampas, The Caretaker created a series of underground caves to release the Ocampas, but they decided to stay and continue along with the entities, closing the cavas with force field to prevent any invasion of the Kazons, out of gratitude, the Caretaker provided them with enough energy to prolong the life of the city s underground.


The USS Voyager encounters "Exosia Suspiria" thousands of miles away, still in the Delta quadrant in 2372.

However, Caretaker did not realize that his actions were also making the Ocampa totally dependent on his assistance, Suspiria was no longer so important to the Ocampas and got a conflict with the Caretaker, forcing a separation between them, Suspiria left his mate at the end of the 21st century, taking a small group of Ocampa with her. (ST: Voyager - episode Cold Fire, season 2), creating the base of it similar the Array Caretaker, Exosia Suspiria.

Over the years, Caretaker wanted a new partner to continue his species because he was already realizing that he was dying, and three energy probes in different regions of space, he hijacked dozens of starships across the galaxy of the Milky Way, using their energy matrix conducting experiments on the crews of the ships to determine if they were compatible. However, the search did not go well. One of the energy probes was in the area known as the "Badlands" named for the high command of the "bermuda triangle" star fleet, a danger zone to any spacecraft, the Caretaker energy probe began emanating spacecraft for 90 years, not only three Federation ships disappeared, as Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi and others also began to disappear, the Maquis, the federation / cardassian renegade group took possession of this dangerous zone to ward off eminent danger the Federation ships and cardassinans , there are reports of two Maquis ships disappearing in this region, the third was commanded by Chakotay (ST: DS9 - Maquis part 1 and 2).

In 2371, two federation ships crossed the Badlands, the first was the USS Equinox NCC-72381, Nova class, in the command of captain Rudolph Ransom, after replacing the USS Aurora's mission of mappings near Badlands, when it was fronting battle a Klingon ship renegade from the empire, while defending a Bolian freighter, to prevent the Klingons from stealing a relic. The USS Equinox entered the Badlands with the Klingon ship in battle fire and the Caretaker energy wave dragged the two ships to the Delta Quadrant, along with the remains of the Klingon ship, destroyed by the storm of plasma, where there were no Klingon survivors, and the crew of Equinox was abducted for 8 days, the Caretaker rejected the entire crew and launched another shock wave, which distanced the USS Equinox 2 thousand light years from the Array Caretaker, all trapped in the Delta quadrant.

The last species Nacene Suspiria.

Six months later, it was the turn of the USS Voyager NCC-74656, Intrepid class, when chasing the Maquis ship, where a security officer was infiltrated by the "Tuvok" renegade group led by Chakotay, both ships were thrown into the Delta quadrant, where they ended up joining a new journey, Captain Kathryn Janeway used the USS Voyager torpedoes destroying the Array Caretaker base, and killing the entity, which took Caretaker's remains inside the USS Voyager laboratory, and there were no more signs of missing ships in Badlands, during the federation's inspection by Admiral Janeway herself, when she returned to the Alpha quadrant after seven years in the Delta quadrant.

One of the reports from the USS Voyager Federation, a species that descends from a group called "Tash" that were dragged by the Caretaker in the early 24th century, originated in the Gama quadrant, and over the years, they created the same Caretaker technology , stolen from a report of one of the Tash's old ones, creating an big base with a gateway, spawning a space wormhole that travels through thirty sectors in less than an hour (ST: Voyager - The Voyager Conspiracy, season 6). 

The former Federation report referring to Badlands was confirmed three Federation starships missing between 2332 and 2361, the first was in 2332 (USS Melvin NCC 1680, Miranda class), 2349 (USS Leenox NCC 4003, Excelsior class) and 2361 (USS Dakota NCC 2800, Oberth class). Captain James Anderson of the USS Leenox sent in a contact with Starbase 28, stating that he was being chased by a great wave of energy as he entered the Badlands during his scientific research of cataloging energies, then the signal from the USS Leenox went ceased, many of the searches occurred in search of the ships disappeared in this sector, until declared in 2362 as a forbidden zone of the Federation.

In a report sent to a Klingon ambassador to Starbase 95, he discovers that in Iconian space, a region considered devastated in the Beta quadrant, there were reports of missing Klingons and Romulan ships in this sector near the Romulan neutral zone of a asteroids fields magnetic, possibly created by the Caretaker also, which had the same energy signature of the Badlands, the same with the other testimony was of a centurion Romulan assimilated by the Borg from a romulan warbird d'deridex class dragged into the Delta quadrant, discovered by 7 of 9 when he joined his collective link with a Borg vinculum. (Star Trek: Voyager, season 5, episode: Infinite Regress).

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