Alien Species

N'rrgals are a species of gelatinous extraterrestrials which are superficially considered slug-like. Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies encountered the species when the Cyclone lands at the N'rrgal Colony in Sector Scylla of the Twilight Cage. They are known for their powerful regenerative capacities - used as a natural and main defense against foes - which causes them to be considered quite an infuriating species to contend with.

Physiologically speaking, they are translucent green and semi-liquidic in nature, which stems from their evolution on an exceptionally slimy world, which has been replicated at their colony, presumably to help their survivability. They are jaw-droppingly innumerable, indicating that they are naturally an r-strategy species, meaning their homeworld is likely a very unstable for them, with many deaths of N'rrgals and perhaps even an indication of existence as a species lower on the food chain, in a similar manner to the mice found on Earth. They have evolved to reproduce via mitosis, which indicates they have an extremely simple biology. This causes them to simply split in two to form a new pair of worker drones.

The species is a caste-oriented one, and a visitor to their colony and presumably their homeworld rarely see anything other than the simple and mute N'rrgal worker drones - however, other castes will emerge should one start causing what they would consider trouble. Through the process of reverse mitosis, individual drones can actually agglomerate together to produce the fearsome warrior caste. In a similar manner, enough N'rrgals in one location allows for the formation of a Queen, which operates as a sort of hive mind for their colony. The queen will operate as a sort of biological knowledge database for its constituent drones. It is unknown if all N'rrgals need to immediately inhabit an area to form the queen or if they can begin to form one, with others combining into the process later.

The N'rrgal are the sworn enemies of the Zoah, and have warred against them for thousands of years. This animosity is so great, in fact, that they immediately accused the Zoah of spoiling their spawning pools, despite the fact that this revealed itself to not be true. The N'rrgals eventually leeched energy from the Nocturne's forcefields, causing them to weaken to the point that Tails was able to fly the Cyclone inside it.


  • Their gelatinous forms as well as their energy leeching abilities give them a superficial resemblance to Metroids.