Alien Species

"Mysterious Alien Creatures" (or MACs for short) is a designation given to a species of sapient humanoids.


Mysterious Alien Beings

MACs on their barren homeworld

MACs are a tall humanoid species with lanky limbs, pale translucent skin and large heads sporting pointed ears and small stubby horn-like bumps on their heads. The species possesses elastic rubbery bodies which make them quite flexible and malleable, allowing them to be easily stretched or even sucked up by machinery, with this rubbery physiology making them surprisingly durable and capable of surviving many dangers that might be lethal to most humanoids, including painful blunt impacts and even electrocution.

Their mouths are tiny and circular, always remaining open at all times, mainly using it to communicate through whistling and to drink liquids. The species requires a large amount of liquid to survive, mainly thriving on naturally-occurring carbonated liquids native to their homeworld, because of this, they are quite fond of the Earth beverage known as Coca-Cola. Despite the small size and limited movement of their mouths, they appear capable of chewing as members of the species showed great interest in Human food.

Mysterious Abilities[]

Most notably, the species possesses mysterious telekinetic abilities which appear to go beyond typical psychic abilities, bordering on the supernatural, capable of performing astonishing feats that defy explanation and are even capable of saving lives with their powers. They can even manipulate electronic machines and even supply them with power without needing to make physical contact. A more offensive display of their abilities is their power to disintegrate most matter simply by touching it, usually only using this destructive power to get past obstacles rather than to harm others.


MAC - Foraging

A MAC foraging for carbonated liquid

The species does not seem to have much in the way of culture as their world is a desolate and almost lifeless barren wasteland with the only known surviving members of the species being a small family unit consisting of parents and their offspring. Whatever culture they must've had once likely ceased to be as their species declined, with its surviving members appearing quite innocent and primitive, not even understanding danger or threats very well. They mainly communicate through whistling but appear to have some degree of telepathy. It also seems to be customary for females of the species to wear clothing, mostly rags while males may walk around without garments of any kind.

MAC - Mystic Ritual

MACs engaging in a mystic ritual that enhances their abilities and allows them to communicate telepathically

Overall, they are a very friendly and compassionate species and show strong bonds with not just family but even with other species that show them kindness, as seen with members of this species who formed bonds with humans. Following the events that lead to the surviving members relocating to Earth and proving that they posed no threat to its inhabitants, they were given honorary Earthling status and allowed to live among humans undisturbed, with the MACs seemingly adapting rather well to Human culture.


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