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The Muunilinstians; or simply Muun, are a race of tall, thin, humanoids native to the planet Muunilinst. Their skulls are elongated and thin, with a tall brain cavity and drooping cheekbones. Their large hands are tipped with equally long fingers. The skin of the average Muun is a pasty-white color, the result of living indoors and underground for much of their lives. A Muun's internal organs are perhaps most noted for the fact that each Muun is tricardial (meaning three hearts). Although Muuns often travel away from their homeworld, such trips are quite short, as many Muuns become homesick if away from Muunilinst for too long. As a people, the Muuns are noted for their ability to calculate complex mathematical data without the use of a computer. Muunilinstian children are at least as mathematically competent as the smartest human. Muuns are also incredibly greedy beings who see other beings as hotheaded and impulsive, and look to take whatever advantages they can with other races. Muunilinstian society is controlled by the most prominent of clans, and only those members of the most powerful clans ever leave the surface of Muunilinst.

Despite their support for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, the Muunilinstians were both tolerated and respected by the Galactic Empire, which needed their financial acumen and access to the enormous wealth that the Muunilinstians maintained on Munnilinst. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, a large portion of the Muun population was exterminated when the alien invaders destroyed Muunilinst in a planetary bombardment. Only those individuals who were off-planet at the time survived.

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