Alien Species
The Mutant Rancor.
Mutant Rancor
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Taanab
Average Height Larger than 5-10m
Diet Probably Carnivorous
Intelligence Semi-sapient

The Mutant Rancor is just as its name implies: a mutated rancor. While only one was ever known to exist, it may in fact warrant a complete subspecies.


All known bull rancors have been much larger than your typical rancor. They have strange horns jutting out of their back and head. It is said to be a different species, by some disagree.

Historical Background[]

The Disciples of Ragnos had planned to release the monstrosity into the cities of Taanab, while expecting to steal arms and other needed goods as the resulting chaos ensued. Unfortunately for the Disciples, they released their prized beast just as Jedi Knight Jaden Korr arrived on the scene. Spotting Jaden, the creature chased the Jedi around the facility - believed to be the location of its creation - destroying any and all obstacles in its path and eating any disciples it encountered, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The mutant rancor was finally put to death when Jaden successfully pinned it between a force field and a large crate traveling on a conveyor belt. It is unknown if any others existed.

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