The Mustafarians are an alien race, which has two distinct subspecies, native to the planet Mustafar. Many xenobiologists believe that the Mustafarians are related to the Kubaz, since both are descended from insectile creatures. This link is further emphasized by the similar facial structures of both races. The Mustafarians have a long trunk instead of a nose, and their foreheads slop gently back to their necks.

History Edit

There are two distinct races of Mustafarians, both of which are insectile arthropods whose bodies are protected by hard shells. Both subspecies are distinguished from other races by the fact that their bodies contain very little water. A tall, thin-bodied subspecies live in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and is much weaker than their cousins. A shorter race of burly laborers inhabit the southern hemisphere, and is much hardier than those Mustafarians of the north. Both races live in underground warrens, away from the sweltering heat and choken atmosphere of the surface of Mustafar.

As a race, the Mustafarians are egocentric and self-absorbed, having spent much of their existence isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Although not aggressive by nature, the Mustafarians develop their own weaponry, primarily to defend themselves from the predators that inhabit their homeworld.

During the era of the Clone Wars, the Mustafarians were ostensibly part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, although they had no political affiliation with either side of the conflict. The Techno Union was allowed to establish a lava processing facility on Mustafar, where both subspecies of Mustafarians labored for virtually no pay. This suited the Mustafarians just fine, as long as they were allowed to manage their own affairs. In the wake of the Clone Wars, the Mustafarians fell into relative obscurity.

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