The Muhlari were an alien species that once existed in the 41st Millennium.

Background Edit

The Muhlari were once a race of scholars but were exterminated by the Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos. After the xenophobic humans wiped them out, they went further to destroy the legacy of the aliens by destroying the entire library of data crystals. The bodies of the Muhlari were desecrated, the data crystals grounded to dust, mixed with their crushed bones and shot into the heart of a dying sun. The site of the Muhlari last stand, the fortress of Zarabek, was taken by the Deathwatch to serve as a Watch Fortress

Culture Edit

The Muhlari were an ancient star-faring xenos species said to have possessed knowledge spanning the entire Galaxy.

Appearance Edit

  • The Alien Hunters (Short Story) by Andy Chambers (2012)
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