Alien Species

Mugicians are ethereal beings from Perim.


Long ago, magical, musical beings called “Mugicians” lived in peace and harmony in Perim. At some point, conflict over the Cothica divided them into warring tribes. The warring Mugicians mutually destroyed each other. Their spirits, however, lived on. Their Mugix – magical orbs that held specific Mugic – were scattered all over Perim.

The Mugicians still roam Perim, seeking to inhabit fellow tribe members so they can carry on the fight. Mugicians imbue Creatures with the ability to cast Mugic.

When casting Mugic, a Creature holds a MugiSphere, summons the Mugician within to enter and activate the Sphere. The Creature then announces the Mugic the Sphere contains and his intended target of the Mugic within. The Mugix bursts apart, and a seven note “song” (Mugic) is heard. A giant magical effect occurs and the Mugic creates the desired effect.

When a Creature finds or creates (a new) MugiSphere, he may use it only if he has a Mugician inhabiting him and a MugiSphere of the correct tribe (or a Generic Sphere).