―Muculox's last words right before slain by Lance
Muculox in The Demon Within 02
Biography Information
Homeworld Mutradd
Species Mutraddi
Sapience Sapient
Gender Male
Death Stabbed by Lance
Hair Color None
Eye Color Greenish-yellow
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sym Bionic Titan
Performed by John DiMaggio

Muculox is a frog-like mutraddi that appears in the Sym Bionic Titan episode, A Demon Within.

Overview Edit

The 10th mutraddi sent by General Mondula, he was one of the few mutraddis who showed signs of intelligence. He can be infamously known for clawing at Ilana which caused her to transform slowing into a mutraddi. He often fights Lance but fails as Ilana was brainwashed by Mucolox. Before Muculox was going to fly away with Ilana, still in her mutraddi form, he was slain by Lance, causing Ilana to transform back into her normal self.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be an amphibious entity with light green skin, four lime green eyes at the bottom of his jaw, six limbs connected by light webbing, and a visible brain and heart.

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