Mrs. Makabe's father
Biography Information
True Identity Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife
Mrs. Makabe (daughter)
Nobuo Makabe (son-in-law)
Asora Makabe (grandson)
Language Telepathy
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Oh, My Sweet Alien!
Created by Kouji Miyata

Mrs. Makabe's father is a sapient, telepathic alien and a citizen of a vast multi-species civilization. His wife, belongs to a completely different species.

He is the father-in-law of Nobuo Makabe (a Human) and the grandfather of Asora Makabe. He and his wife own a ship which seems to be of the typical saucer-shaped variety.


Father has prehensile tendrils for hair, which his daughter also inherited. Blasting energy beams from his single cyclopic eye seems to be his species' equivalent of crying when they get emotional. Despite the lack of a visible mouth, he can still communicate thanks to telepathy.


  • Oh, My Sweet Alien! (2009 - 2015), by Kouji Miyata
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