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Homeworld: Fierias, later changed to Fieras

Known Empresses/Emperors: Jasana, Prrsha, Yalara, Miamar, Shandra, Mirana, Darquan, Fargul, Marupa, Harrava Ril, Parasha Vrrn, Yarrala Hrrsh, Torfang, Arrlaan, Rrlenn

Racial Tendencies: Ruthless Militarists

Tech Specialties: Poor Construction, Excellent Weapons

Ruthless and fearless, Mrrshan warriors loved nothing more than a good fight. Their hunting reflexes and instincts gave them tremendous accuracy in battle, and they almost always attacked first, even when facing the Alkari. Typically, the Mrrshan had one of the largest fleets in the galaxy. They were the only race ruled by empresses, who were usually ruthless and warlike. Their most hated enemies were the Alkari, but they also greatly disliked the Sakkra. In addition, they were on negative terms with the Bulrathi, Darloks, and Klackons. The only race they did trust was the Humans. Mrrshan technology favored the development of new weapons, but they struggled with construction tech.

For centuries, the Mrrshan were feared throughout the Milky Way for their skilled gunners. By this era, they had actually improved on that legacy. In addition to their attack skills, their ship crews were better trained than all others, and could reach an ultra-elite level. Their leaders were also capable of reaching unbelievable skill levels through this training. Each Mrrshan planet was a full military base, housing twice the number of soldiers that the other races usually stationed on their worlds. They also contained military commanders who coordinated the local fleet activity; this allowed for much larger fleets to be supported. The Mrrshan were a military Dictatorship. Interestingly, the Mrrshan homeworld changed its name from Fierias to Fieras sometime prior to this era. Two other big changes also occurred since the earlier days -- a large source of neutronium was found, making their homeworld rich, and the traditional matriarchy was replaced by a new line of emperors. This hostile warrior race still hated their ancient rivals, the Alkari. They also disliked the Gnolams and the Klackons. The Meklars and Trilarians were respected on Fieras, and the Elerians were held in high regard.