Alien Species
"That is an Earth fish, very traditional in China. You arrest me, that's a hate crime!"
―Mr. Wu claiming that a clearly extraterrestrial creature is from Earth, a dead giveaway that he wasn't human

This gastropod-like race has Human-like upper halves and several arms on their lower halves. Mr. Wu, the owner of a Chinese-style restaurant, was a member of this species.



Mr. Wu's lower half revealed

Members of Mr. Wu's species look almost completely Human from the waist up, with the only visible difference being two small, yellow eye stalks on the tops of their heads, protruding out just past their hair. From the waist down, however, they bear a slug-like body propelled by at least twelve stubby arms with humanoid hands at their ends, although they have been seen moving and standing with only their last three hands. Their lower arms and hands are able to move and gesture the same way as their upper Human-like arms when not being used for locomotion. Their lower halves are also known to bear greenish, scale-like skin on its backside, which may continue to their more Human-like upper halves. Children of Mr. Wu's species are described as soft larvae. Internally, their blood is green.

Notable Members[]

  • Mr. Wu: A Chinese restaurant owner who illegally served alien fish to humans, before being caught by MIB agents J and K. His only defense was that he was doing so to gain enough money to feed his larvae. He was soon killed by a Boglodite named Boris the Animal. However, when the timeline was altered with Boris being killed in 1969, it is possible that Mr. Wu's death was erased from existence.


  • Men in Black III (2012)