Biography Information
True Identity Samuel Arrow
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Body Type Humanoid
Hair Color N/A
Occupation Right-hand man
Personality Loyal, friendly
Affiliation RLS Legacy
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Treasure Planet
Performed by Roscoe Lee Browne
Mr. Arrow is the first mate of the RLS Legacy under Captain Amelia, who he was extremely loyal to. He is a humanoid alien with rocky figures. He is an unscrupulous drillmaster with Captain Amelia. During a black hole formation he fell overboard and had his safety line cut out by the evil alien spider, Scroop, who resented him for earlier disagreements. His death was mourned by Amelia mostly (as the crew were mutinous pirates set on killing him regardless), who had reason to believe it was caused by Jim Hawkins' incompetence regarding the safety lines he was put in charge of.
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