The real appearance of the pandimensional beings, as seen in their native realm.

The life forms that Humans refer to as Mice (singular: Mouse) are, unbeknownst to mankind, the most intelligent species on Earth, and not actually native to the planet. They are in fact hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional creatures whose rodent aspect represents merely a three-dimensional projection of their actual form.

Billions of years ago, they have been responsible for creating the supercomputer known as Deep Thought, and also for hiring the Magratheans to build the planet that would become known as Earth - actually an even more impressive and massive supercomputer designed by Deep Thought.

Biology[edit | edit source]

It has been noted that their physical manifestation in their own dimension isn't dissimilar to out own, implying that they could be described as humanoid. It's possible that they can grow extra limbs, as this is required by the rules of Brockian Ultra-Cricket, which they play.

In spite of being described as "pan-dimensional", these creatures appear to experience time linearly, as Deep Thought tells them "you know nothing of future time". The fact that they need to wait for Deep Thought to reveal the answers to their questions also suggests so.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

Despite being a tremendously advanced civilization, the inhabitants of the higher dimensions have been described as brutal, which can be observed in their favorite pastime of Brockian Ultra-Cricket. Not only is this game based on memories of the Krikkiters' galactic wars of devastation (much the same as Earth cricket), but it's also indiscriminately violent, as it basically consists of hitting opponents with any object available and then running away to apologize through a megafone.

Curiously, however, members of this pan-dimensional species also appear to be a deeply philosophical lot, so much that before the creation of Deep Thought they would often find themselves bickering about the meaning of life and existence, and such discussions often went as far as to interrupt their Ultra-Cricket matches, much to their own frustration.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As Phouchg has referred to the period of 7.5 million years as "75 thousand generations ago", it can be inferred that the average lifespan of this species might be around 100 years. It's important to note, however, that an "year" in this context is almost certainly not equal to an Earth year, but to whatever equivalent their species uses to measure time.
    • Deep Thought refers to the time the Earth would take to calculate the Ultimate Question as "ten million years", which, knowing that the calculations were just about to be finished by the time it was destroyed by the Vogons, could suggest that "ten million years" in their terms is roughly equivalent to 4.5 billion years in our terms. That would mean that one "pan-dimensional" year would equal about 450 Earth years, and the mice's average lifespan might be around 45,000.
    • The above would mean that Deep Thought was created about 7,875,000,000 years ago, taking account of the time of Earth's existence plus the time it took to calculate the Ultimate Answer.
  • As a nod to this species, Derrick J. Wyatt has confirmed that the Omnitrix from the original Ben 10 continuity contains interdimensional white lab mice DNA.
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