Queen Mother

Mother Queen is a central goddess in the religious teachings of the Singularity Priests in the Lightstep Chronicles Universe.

Background Edit

Long ago, in a time barely recorded, a universal queen lived her ruled was ordained by the deities of the void and the spirits of the expanse, and she wielded unimaginable power and universal might. But, although blessed, her life was tragic, as her beloved child expired after only a year in existence.

So vast was her pain, so profound her lament that her tears fell to the ground and became shards of black obsidian.

It was foretold that one day a great lighthouse shall fall to land its light shall reanimate the shard and they shall end all things.

Then the Queen shall reboot the universe. Every mother that lost a child, and every lover that lost a partner, shall have another chance.

Appearances Edit

  • Lightstep 003 (2019)
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