Alien Species

This humanoid race has tentacled faces, along with other inhuman features. A member of this species, named Mosh Tendrils, was one of Serleena's henchmen.


Mosh Tendril's species are hairless humanoids bearing some resemblance to Humans, although they have several tentacle-like appendages of varying lengths coming out of their chins. Some tentacles directly under their mouths and closer to their ears appear short, while four that come out from the edges of their jaws are longer than the rest. It is unknown what function these tentacles serve, although they may be feeding appendages. In addition, their tentacles are able to be stretched out, and quickly stretching and letting go of them can cause them to whip back up with enough force to send their bearer flying upwards. Other features include misshapen noses curving around their, long, misshapen mouths, black eyes with blue pupils, and pointed ears. Members of this species are also known to have enough strength to break through concrete and easily throw adult Humans around.


In 2002, a member of this species, named Mosh Tendrils, was arrested by the Men in Black (MIB) for an unknown crime, being processed alongside Dog Poop, Corn Face, Pineal Eye, and a Ballchinian, all deemed dangerous enough to be placed into maximum security. However, they were freed by a Kylothian named Serleena, who enlisted them to capture Agent K, whose memory had been erased when he retired from MIB. Mosh Tendrils and the others tracked down Agent J, K's old partner. Cornering J in the basement of Jack Jeebs' pawnshop, who tipped them off, Mosh Tendrils broke through the ceiling, surprising agent J and easily throwing him towards Corn Face, who pinned him down. J knocked off Corn Face's mask, telling him he looked like crap, causing the other aliens to laugh, until J turned the comment to Dog Poop. Pineal Eye then ordered Corn Face to "bend" J, but J is quickly rescued by K, who had gotten his memory back and blasted Corn Face and Dog Poop. After Pineal Eye was taken down, Mosh Tendrils rushed to attack K, but K ducked under his punch, reminded of who Mosh Tendrils was by J. After dodging the punch, K grabbed Mosh Tendrils' tentacles, quickly tugging them down to their full extent before letting go, letting their whiplash send Mosh Tendrils flying into the ceiling and incapacitating him. Mosh Tendrils was presumably imprisoned by MIB afterwards.


  • Men in Black II (2002)