Alien Species

The Mortok is a tough alien species, with great combat skill and an even greater warrior's code. The Mortok have a deep belief in the ways of honor; they commend bravery and despise cowardice.

Mortoks are robust in appearance, taller than a man and with powerful muscles, though they don't seem to have any skin. Mortok society is mostly composed of fighters, mercenaries and the military. It is easy for a simple disagreement among Mortoks to degenerate into an all-out brawl. However, it's not wise for one to pick a fight with a Mortok, that is if that one is not a Mortok. Mortok law is rather harsh, much like the Code of Hammurabi. According to a random announcement on a Mortok trade station, if someone is caught selling video games in a system where they are banned, the dealer's right hand is cut off as punishment. Thankfully, these laws only apply to Mortoks.

Mortok ships and stations are militaristic in design, built with armored hulls with green paint and red windows. Mortoks use railguns as their weapon of choice. These weapons are mass drivers that fire shots of superaccelerated matter, and true to their name, the guns have a high refire rate. Mortok ships, however, do not use forward guns. Instead they are mounted with turrets that can shoot at any direction.


The Mortok are from the space-flight simulator game, DarkStar One (computer version) and DarkStar One: Broken Alliance (Xbox360 version).