The Mortalen are militaristic species of half mammal and half reptile origin.They had once covered a huge swath of the galaxy before the arrival of the Shakturi.


Mortalens have gone through an extensive evolutionary period as they have many traits and abilities that gave them and continue to gives an edge in a hostile enviroment. Growing up on Mortala, an extremely dry and spartialy habitable planet orbiting a large star, has given the Mortalens a thick,hardy but flexible scaly skin to protect them from injury, harsh UV rays and to retain water.Like reptiles,Mortalens have extremely fast reflexes,and are known to use them extensively in hand to hand combat or gunfights.

They are easy to provoke by the slightest insult or misunderstanding, and are known to will pursue an usurper relentlessly until they get vengeance. They are very aggressive and had the Shakturi not invaded and united the insectoids of the Milky Way, they would have become the main threat to the other races.

Mortalens are excellent warriors – as they spent much of their child life studying and practicing the ways of their ancient warriors. Their warrior code is highly developed for their species. They consider defeating an enemy in a long brutal battle as a right of passage and the ultimate achievement. With both their battle tactics and natural abilities, Mortalen warriors and mercenaries are widely recognized as one of the best fighters in the galaxy.

Mortalen ships are hardy with thick armor but slick to the design like themselves. They have also developed a powerful vectoring engine, the Swift Vector to complement their natural abilities. This advanced engine component gives Mortalen star ships unrivalled agility and maneuvering just like their reflexes.

Mortalens stick strictly to traditions and rarely deviate from them. These traditions mainly focus on honor in battle and risk-taking. their architecture has'nt chnage in the last thousand years after the First Shakturi war as they still build simple block dwellings. They also rarely live on earth-like planets or planets with large bodies of water as it makes them "weak" and "relaxed" ;instead, they prefer planets like their homeworld, dusty and dry. One particular tradition requires any male seeking leadership to hunt and kill one of the fearsome Mortaks. Mortaks are terrifying large reptilian-like beasts that inhabit the vast sandy desert wastelands of the Mortalen homeworld of Mortala. In-fact, the name Mortalen means “Slayer of the Mortak”.

The Mortalens, during the Ancient Age had a relatively large empire with large fleets to protect their borders. Yet this did not save them from the Shakturi onslaught. The shakturi saw the tremendous strength the Mortalen wielded and thought long and hard to find a way to take them down. Their answer came in the form of the Dhayut as they are the only species who could go toe to toe with a mortalen and win. The Dhayut were thorough in the destruction of the Mortalen empire. They would intentionally turn insane to wipe out ground armies and send spies to detonate space stations to prevent the mortalen from building back or refueling their fleets.

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