The Morlox are large non-sapient reptilianoid beasts which live underground in the cave systems of Karfel, and are feared by the native Karfelons. They have thick rough skin, long muscular necks, relatively large eyes and sharp teeth.


  • Doctor Who season 22 (Sixth Doctor) – Timelash (1985)


  • Their name is obviously inspired by the Morlocks from H. G. Wells' novel The Time Machine. The serial, which features a young Wells (referred to as Herbert throughout the story) contains several other references to his works.
  • It is stated that the Bandrils use gas-based weapons that destroy everything with a nervous system, keeping the target planet physically intact to the last building while rendering it devoid of intelligent life. Since the Morlox are specifically acknowledged as not affected, it is reasonable to infer that they have either a diffuse nervous system (like Earth's cnidarians) or no nervous system at all.
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