Biography Information
Homeworld Gallifrey (presumed)
Species Time Lord (originally)
Chimeric being (revived)
Gender Male
Occupation Warlord (formerly)
Abilities Strength
Mental prowess
Immunity to cyanide
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who
Performed by Stuart Fell (body)
Michael Spice (voice)

Morbius was originally a tyrannical Time Lord warlord, once leader of the High Council, who formed an army of mercenaries and fanatical followers and destroyed several civilizations, during which he was opposed by the mystical Sisterhood of Karn.

He was later executed for his war crimes, but his brain was restored to life in a new body made of an amalgamation of alien body parts, with a transparent life support system for a head containing his exposed brain.


In his constructed biomechanical body, Morbius is a phenomenally dangerous creature. He can use his claw to kill humanoids with ease by strangling them, and his lungs contain a natural methane filter, which renders cyanide-based gases harmless to him.


So infamous was Morbius that people came from all over the galaxy to witness his execution on the planet Karn. Unbeknownst to most, however, Morbius' brain was stolen by Dr. Mehendri Solon and all that was destroyed in his execution was a brainless corpse. Solon preserved his master's brain in a life support system, and the despot ordered him to build a new and superior body for him, which Solon created out of body parts from aliens whose ships had been drawn towards the planet and crashed (a defense mechanism provided by the Sisterhood itself to defend the Elixir of Life).

When Morbius was awakened in his new body, his brain was no longer working properly. In a mind duel with the Doctor, Morbius brain short circuited. Incapable of speech and moved only by animalistic instinct and deep, uncontrolled hatred for his old enemies, the abominable creature murdered Solon’s assistant, Condo, and escaped from the lab to attack the Sisterhood, successfully strangling one of their members before being tracked down and subdued by the Doctor and Solon using a tranquilizer dart gun.

Once they learned of what had happened, the Sisterhood invaded Solon's base and pursued Morbius with their torches. Outside the castle, they cornered the revived beast until he fell off a cliff to his unlamented doom.


  • Doctor Who season 13, serial 5, "The Brain of Morbius" (1976)
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